Attention all Tax Whistleblowers!

If you are considering turning whistleblower in the hopes that you will get a reward, the process may not be as easy as you thought. You will want to use Form 211. The form and instructions are available at

Consider that the IRS has discretionary authority under Code Sec. 7623, to determine your reward of 15-30%. Your reward depends on two major factors; the reward must come from proceeds that are collected, and that those proceeds must be attributable to the information you provided.

The IRS is not always able to collect the amounts owed if they are able to collect at all, and unless the information you provide is specific, you may end up contributing but not to the extent necessary to receive a reward. Contact our office if you need help with one of these matters because the advisory fees you pay up front to meet with a CPA and Attorney might make all the difference.